Many people are striving for success and happiness but find that the reality of their lives falls far short of their dreams.

New Life Dynamics is a personal development system designed by Flora McEwen Brooks which will enable you to change deep-rooted behaviours and develop effective ways to achieve the success and fulfilment you seek.

Through courses, workshops and seminars focusing on relationships, life skills and creativity, Flora will help you deal with the issues that you most want to address allowing you to see real changes and improvement in the quality of your life!

Next workshop:

Transforming Relationships - Understanding and Overcoming Codependency

June 25th - Central London

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I believe there are three essential foundations on which to build a successful life:


Unlocking your unique creative potential and learning how to express yourself most authentically


Developing and nurturing inspiring and supportive relationships both with yourself and others


Making powerful choices and managing your life in a highly effective and successful way