Many people are striving for success and happiness but find that the reality of their lives falls far short of their dreams. New Life Dynamics is a personal development system designed by Hugo and Flora McEwen Brooks to enable people, of all ages and backgrounds, to change deep-rooted behaviors and to empower themselves to develop more effective ways to achieve the contentment they seek – to finally find and keep that happiness!

We believe there are three essential foundations on which to build a successful life:

The dynamics of making
choices and managing your
life in a highly functional
and successful way

The dynamics of successful
relationships with yourself and

The dynamics of unlocking your
inner creative self, transforming
your access to the potential the
world offers

If you want a better life tomorrow, you need to invest in yourself today. Experience this life changing process through a series of intensive groups, seminars and workshops or individual counselling and coaching.

We have created a series of intensive
groups and workshop experiences
focussing on the challenges
that come up in relationships,
juggling our busy lives and
maintaining creativity,
inspiration and joy, no matter
how much you have on your
We also offer counselling to
help you deal with particular
challenges or areas of concern.
If you want to see real changes
and improvement in your
quality of life then we can help!

Individual counselling, groups and workshops